Happy Anniversary

Meet my handsome #Farmboy! We’ve been married 4 amazing years now… and it’s been quite an adventure.

See… we eloped. He’d planned on adopting my kiddos (Goose and Monkey) and the lawyer said the paperwork was ready, we just needed to get married. So, that weekend. We did. It just happened to be on Valentine’s Day.

Now, if you’ve ever gone through an adoption process, you know this can take a LONG time. We were expecting to wait about a year, but we were blessed.

3 weeks later, we were in front of a judge and we’re legally a #FarmFamily.

I’m the luckiest woman in the world! He wanted me… and my crazy kiddos… and a year down the road, a surprise bonus #Farmbaby a year later. #LifeIsGood

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