New Year, Same Bad Habits

I’m not good at resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good at a lot of things: I can take a line of silver tequila shots without flinching, I can sing every Taylor Swift song word for word, and I can eat an entire family size chicken pot pie (ala Michael Scott) and not need a nap immediately after, but, making and keeping resolutions just isn’t a skill I have.

Everyone says accountability is the best way to keep yourself and your goals for the new year in check, so this year, I’m trying something new. I’m entrusting YOU with my New Years Resolutions. Keep me focused! Keep me honest! & Most importantly; Keep me company! Tell me yours and maybe by this time next year, we’ll be popping the champagne early & celebrating ourselves!

So, here goes!

  • Shed some fluff
    • This was on the list last year, but my efforts were destroyed early February when a craving for Mac & Cheese broke me. 2018 will be about moderation, not elimination! If I can’t have cheesy noodles, then what’s it all about anyway?!
  • Read more
    • College makes reading for fun really, really hard. For the last three years if the book wasn’t about our criminal justice system, the origins of law, or personality disorders, I haven’t been able to read it. In 2018 I want to bring myself back to those awful-but-wonderful romance novels that always made me smile and turned every coffee run into a potential meet-cute.
  • Say no
    • Far & away my worst bad habit is saying yes- to everyone, and everything. I’m not good at turning people down. I’ve given people rides, I’ve helped people move, I’ve even dressed up as someone’s father (you read that right) for reasons I can’t even justify to the internet. So in 2018, I want to say no. Drive yourself! Move yourself! …I’ll probably still say yes to dressing up as a dad because the jeans actually fit me very well and the mustache didn’t look too shabby.
  • Visit Nashville
    • My best friend in the whole world has lived in Music City for over a year and I STILL haven’t visited her. (To be fair, my first nephew was born five months ago & I still haven’t visited him yet either…) 2018 will be rich with nights out at the Honky Tonk, riding mechanical bulls, and drinking whisky straight from the bottle.
  • Send toxic people packing
    • There are some people that snake their way into your life and burrow. Delete them on Facebook. Block them on Instagram. Remove them on Snapchat. Change their contact name to the snake emoji and never reply or answer. 2018 is going to be ~good vibes~ only! My 2018 mantra comes from Maren Morris’ (goddess) Drunk Girls Don’t Cry, “What do you do with trash? You take it out.”
  • Pet all of the cats & dogs
    • No explanation necessary!

Here’s to you! Here’s to me! Here’s to an awesome 2018!

xoxo, Kasey Taylor

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