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Morning Showgram
When you’re scuba diving and a freighter goes by inches over your head!

Who needs a new scuba suit…that guy!!! #extraairbubbles

Morning Showgram
And now…a chicken sneezing!

(fwd to :34 seconds…) Your’e welcome!

Morning Showgram
The Mighty Ducks…then and now!

Yep I watched the WHOLE thing…AND WAS RIVETED!

Morning Showgram
New Wonder Woman trailer!

I’ll give it a solid “It may not suck that bad”…

Morning Showgram
Jimmy Kimmel and his new born son’s open heart surgery!

Best TV monologue EVER!!!!! All the best Jimmy!

Morning Showgram
New Heineken ad!

Now that’s awesome! (Hey Pepsi you takin’ notes over there!?)

Morning Showgram
Scarlett Johansson invites her 72-year-old Doppleganger to get “drunk as a skunk” with her

A guy posted a picture of his grandma from 50 years ago on Reddit, because […]