WWE Great Balls of Fire – Results

I can’t believe we actually had a PPV title “Great Balls of Fire” but it happened and man… was it a good one. Very great show, let’s do a quick breakdown.

5 Big Things:

  1. Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns are two of the best things going in WWE right now. I know it’s been frustrating with the booking of Reigns. But the growth from Strowman has been great and this match was amazing. And after the match… holy crap. That was insane. It’s been something that’s been debated online, but was this a double turn? It’d be perfect if it was, this was very well done from all angles.
  2. The Tag Team Iron Man match was phenomenal. The storytelling was great from both teams. Matt Hardy got busted open pretty bad. I’ve been so very impressed with the Hardy’s in their return and Sheamus and Cesaro have been great as a team. I think it’s time for these teams to move on to new things. If we don’t get the Broken Hardy’s, I’d love Hardy’s v. Revival.
  3. The Raw Women’s division just seems weak, which is crazy to me. They’re stacked with great performers. But to be honest, I’m just underwhelmed and I really don’t understand it.
  4. Can we just be honest with each other, the Miz is one of the best of this generation. Hands down, no questions asked. This Miz-tourage stable will go very well. I’m hoping Dean gets a good feud. I’m hoping to see Finn Balor get the IC title shot at Summer Slam, but how can you not be impressed with the Miz?
  5. Samoa Joe is a legit player. This was one of the best Lesnar matches in the last couple years. I loved the Universal Title Match. I think they did an amazing job. I know they’re going Lesnar-Reigns at Summer Slam. But Joe needs a world title run very soon.

Match of the Night: Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman – Ambulance Match

Overall Grade: A-

Great Balls of Fire was a great show, I’m excited to see what the fallout is tonight on Monday Night Raw. What were your thoughts on #WWEGBOF and what are you hoping to see for Summer Slam?

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