WWE Payback – Results

Okay… Let’s breakdown the Raw Exclusive PPV Payback. This was the first PPV since Wrestlemania and it delivered. But there are still a few things that made me scratch my head. We’ll give it a 10 Count, 5 things I loved and 5 things I hated.

YES! YES! YES! – The 5 Things I loved.

#1: Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

I really enjoyed this match. Braun Strowman’s build has been utterly fantastic. The slow build of such a dominate monster. I think he’ll get paired with Brock Lesnar at Summerslam for the title. Also, Roman did great in this match. His selling is superb. Great match all around 3.5/5 stars for me.

#2: Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens

Jericho is in my personal Top 5 wrestlers of all time. What he’s done in this run has been masterful. This was a great match with great storytelling. With Jericho going to Smackdown, it leaves a lot of questions. I’m guessing this leads to a Triple Threat with KO vs. Y2J vs. AJ at Backlash. Love all of these guys, can’t wait to see what they do. 4/5 stars.

#3: Alexa Bliss

I love Alexa Bliss. I’m absolutely stunned by her development since being called up from NXT in last year’s draft. He character is great, she’s a phenomenal storyteller inside and outside of the ring. All around very impressed with all that she’s done. Being the first woman to win the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championship is a huge nod from the company. I expect big things from her in the future.

#4: Tag Title Match

Loved this match. More great storytelling. Stiff and exciting. Jeff Hardy lost a tooth, Matt was busted up… the Hardyz seem rather (for lack of a better term) BROKEN! The match was solid, but the heel turn from Sheasaro at the end was done very well. 3/5 Stars

#5: Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe

This match was a few months in the making. I’m very happy Joe has made it to the main roster and is in a prime position. I don’t agree with the finish to the match. I think Rollins got a pretty big rub at Mania and Joe was due for a major win on a PPV. That being said, this story is far from over. I wouldn’t mind Joe, HHH and maybe a Pete Dunne vs Rollins and 2 partners of his own at Summerslam…. If only Rollins had some friends on Raw to team up with…… 3.5/5 Stars.

NO! NO! NO! – The 5 Things I hated.

#1: The House of Horrors Match.

The produced spots were cool. And that is the only positive I have to say about this match.  I hate being a guy that craps on something different. I like different, when it’s done correctly.Like I said the pre-taped aspects had a cool vibe, however nothing else made sense. Why draft Wyatt to Raw? This messes up plans for both Raw and Smackdown. What exactly were the horrors in the house? Dirty dishes and strobe lights? If Bray Wyatt can teleport, why did he ride in the limo? How the hell did Orton get there before Wyatt? Did he drive the tractor? Why can’t Wyatt have a solid win instead of a bunch of interference? This was just a sloppy idea from start to finish. I’m just glad it’s over and we can move on.

#2: Bayley Losing.

I know I spent a good chunk of time talking about how much I love Alexa… But I didn’t like seeing Bayley lose in her hometown. That’s all.

#3: The Club vs. Enzo and Cass

I love all of these guys, but I hate what they’ve done with the Club. Again, I know I sound like I’m complaining. But these guys were the champs going into Wrestlemania. Not only did they not get their rematch, but they weren’t in the #1 Contender match the next night on Raw. The whole tag team division on both show confuses me. All I know is we need the Top Guys back.

#4: Crusierweight Division

I just don’t feel like their doing enough to build the division as a whole. They only get one match on the PPVs and it’s always the championship match. I loved the Aries/Neville match, but they can’t keep doing that match. These two are the only ones I feel like who are capable to carrying the division right now.

#5: No Dean Ambrose/IC Championship

He should’ve been on the show. Made an appearance, interfered… something. It was just such a big “steal” getting the championship. Yes, they had the final US Title match, but losing one and not showcasing the other just seemed weird.


So that’s my recap. What did you think of Payback? What am I wrong about? What was I right about? Let me know and follow me @jakebob1069 on Instagram and Twitter!



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